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2021 Lenovo Ideapad 3 14" HD Laptop Computer, Intel Pentium

Why is my Asus touchpad not working properly?

Resolution: Restart your Laptop without having second thoughts… that’s it.

I faced the same problem with my Asus laptop, and suddenly my touchpad stopped working. I tried updating drivers and enabling/disabling touchpads from the device manager. But no luck.

After some time I restarted my laptop and it started taking window updates and the touchpad started working after all updates were completed.

If anyone faces the same problem try to restart and do not forget to turn on for windows auto-updates.

My laptop started so slowly, what to do?

Step 1: Check how many programs or applications are loading at startup.

Step 2: Uninstall or disable unwanted programs from startup

Step 3: Run Anti-Virus or cleaner to disable unwanted programs and to delete temp files (you can also delete temp files from run command -> type %temp% and enter, a new window explorer opens with temp file list select all (Ctrl+a) and press delete to remove all temp files.

Hope above three simple steps make your laptop run faster.

What should I do if my laptop is unable to start?

Solution 1: Try to recharge it for one or two hours then try to power on. (it may be due to no or low charing)

Solution 2: Press and hold power button for 10 to 15 seconds and wait for 10 second and try to power on.

Solution 3: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del button two or three time (Some time laptop might in sleep mode and it get wakeup with keyboard, mouse click or with ctrl+alt+del button.

My laptop is not charging. How do I know if a laptop has a problem or a charger?

Solution: If your laptop has a removable battery then please remove the laptop battery and try to plug the charger (without battery) and turn on your laptop, if your laptop turns without any problem then your charger is working fine and you need to replace the laptop battery.

My laptop suddenly shut down while I was charging it. After that, my laptop won’t turn on and won’t charge. What should I do?


Step 1: Try to remove battery 

2: remove ram 

3: remove mouse or keyboard or pen drive attached to laptop 

4: connect charger and try to power on your laptop. If its get up then 

5: attach battery, ram and restart your laptop.

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