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Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen)

Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen) review 2021 | The Amazon Echo Buds are back with improved sound quality and better noise cancellation

Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen)

Amazon’s audio business has been on a roll this last year. First there was the new-and-improved Amazon Echo that took sound quality to a whole new level, and now there’s the Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen) that could do the same for the company’s flagship noise cancelling true wireless earbuds.

To make those improvements Amazon made the new Amazon Echo Buds 2’s case even smaller (by around 40%), and has taken a serious look at both its noise-cancelling technology and overall audio performance. The result is true wireless earbuds that cancel even more ambient noise than before and sound better, too – plus they’re easier to carry around.

There are a few other minor changes here – like the adoption of wireless charging via any wireless charging pad and vents to reduce pressure built up in the ear – as well as some changes to the setup process that will help you find the perfect fit with the included ear tips.

While we still have a number of tests to run on the Amazon Echo Buds before we can give them a definitive rating, so far we’re thinking that these are a solid improvement on their predecessors – and Amazon’s best-ever effort in earbuds to date – but maybe not as good as the best true wireless earbuds from Sony, Sennheiser, and Bose.

Cost and release date – Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen)

Regrettably, no UK or Australian launch date was announced now.

There are a couple cheaper authentic wireless versions out there which we advocate (see: the Lypertek PurePlay Z3) however in regard to significant flagship earbuds with some amount of active sound cancellation, the newest Amazon Echo Buds two are one of the least expensive choices available on the market.


The buds themselves are approximately 20 percent smaller than previously, based on Amazon, although the instance is approximately 40 percent smaller and seems radically different.

Due to the decrease in size they are milder complete, and so a little more comfortable to wear for longer intervals.

Another important improvement is that the new laser-drilled port within the earbuds themselves which alleviates pressure develop.

It is a design feature we saw with all the Powerbeats Pro a couple of years before, and now it is essentially a staple of each significant set of authentic wireless earbuds.

Despite being smaller and definitely more comfortable to wear, the Echo Buds do stretch from your ears somewhat — not sufficient to make them seem awkward, but sufficient to allow them to rub up from a hood if you are wearing one or upward against the pillow if you are lying.

Neither of these are deal breakers outright, however they might be significant factors when determining which set of earbuds that you would like to select up.

Nevertheless, if you mean to utilize them to work outside, the Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen) have two key design characteristics which make them especially excellent gym companions. The first is they have an IPX4 score, which makes them splash-proof.

Another great feature is they include a couple distinct ear tip sizes at the box, and a couple of wings to help reestablish them on your ear throughout workouts.

Does this make the fantastic seal which you will need for optimum sound functionality, but in addition, it prevents the earbuds from receding when you are running on the treadmill.

Fundamentally, the Amazon Alexa program can inform you if your earbuds have a fantastic seal by enjoying a couple of tones and seeing just how much of the leaks through the outer pellets.

It is a little thing, but we can not stress enough how important it’s to locate a fantastic match with earbuds, and that is a terrific means to do it.

To restrain the earbuds you’ve got two choices: you can tap the earbuds or utilize Alexa voice controllers.

In the event you use the former, you are able to tap to play or stream music; double to jump to another song or answer telephone calls; and three occasions to return to the previous tune.

By default, a very long press buttons involving noise cancellation and sound passthrough manners, which can be helpful if you want to quickly listen to what somebody’s saying and you do not wish to pull the earbuds.

Alexa voice controls are straight forward — you can often just say things such as”drama” or”next tune” and Alexa will realize exactly what you need — but using controls such as”Alexa, turn off sound cancellation” may be somewhat more finicky.


EarHaving just needed them for a couple of days, we are still making up our mind about the audio quality, noise cancellation functionality and battery life of their earbuds.

All three appear to be someplace above average, however all of them have a couple caveats worth calling attention to.
Concerning straight up sound reproduction, there appears to be a large improvement concerning sound quality.

In our initial review of this Amazon Echo Budswe stated that the bass has been heavy-handed and helpless, and mids lacked resolution throughout the frequency range.
These problems feel considerably enhanced this time around, and we are now able to make out some vital details in a few of our favourite tunes.

I Feel It explodes with Daft Punk includes a broad left-right stereo split, which is quite impressive to get a set of authentic wireless earbuds. No tune had as broad of a soundstage as you would expect from a set of open-back over-ear cans, but there is undoubtedly a greater degree of clarity than previously.

You may get the latter to the Sony WF-SP800N that encourage Sony 360 Truth Audio or about the Apple AirPods Guru that support Apple’s very own spatial sound format.

On the flip side, there has been a substantial improvement to how the Buds counter sound — by Amazon’s quotes the new Echo Buds block about twice as much noise as their predecessors. This makes sense thinking about the first Amazon Echo Buds featured sound reduction technology instead of outright active sound cancellation, and it is an advancement that has not gone unnoticed.

The good thing is that the sound cancellation still is not top notch. It is going to surely suffice if you have to block outside household sound and you have music playing in a reasonably loud volume, but also bring these in a plane or even the subway and we are not sure they would be in a position to fully cut out the background sound.

Ironically, the capability to do this is really a feat of technology we have just seen on some earbuds plus a couple of over-ear cans, but we can not welcome the Echo Buds to that club depending on the functionality we have discovered (er, not heard?) Up to now.

Information offered by Amazon asserts the Echo Buds should last about five hours a charge with ANC switched on and voice detection allowed, and the instance needs to have sufficient fee for the following 10 hours.

That amount appears true to us according to our use so much — we have listened to them for about ten hours and the situation is currently from cost and that appears to be on the going rate for busy noise-cancelling earbuds at the moment.

Early verdict for Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen)

We will still have to devote a little more time together before we could make a last choice, but so far we are pretty impressed with the modifications Amazon’s created with its second-gen authentic wireless earbuds.

With better sound cancellation, better audio quality and a more comfortable fit, we would urge them within their insecurities in a heartbeat. But whether they’re far better than the class-leading contest… well, that we are not so confident about.

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